UPOP Milestones

Over the course of the fall and spring semesters, UPOP students explore different career concepts known as Milestones. The Milestones will focus on fundamental skills to help students explore and acquire a summer internship in industry or academia or other public service experience.


Each Milestone begins with an introductory workshop led by UPOP staff that will serve as an overview for the work ahead. Milestone Mentors, a new volunteer position, oversees a post-workshop small discussion group. Milestone Mentors guide these discussions to help students engage with the information delivered in the Milestone Workshops and ensure they are developing the skills needed to meet each of UPOP’s Milestones.


By the end of UPOP, students will be able to: 

  • Articulate intended career goals or preferred industries professionally.
  • Craft a resume and cover letter, and fine-tune them based on the intended use.
  • Successfully navigate networking events and deliver a polished elevator pitch.
  • Execute a targeted internship search, while developing resilience.
  • Interview effectively for a desired position and present their best self.
  • Negotiate a job offer that best meets their professional interests and needs.