Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program

Students gathered at a UPOP event

Enrolled Students

We’re so glad you made the decision to join UPOP this year!

No matter where you are in the process of looking for a professional experience, you will find benefit in the learning opportunities UPOP provides, including 1:1 advising with staff, skill-building workshops, and our deep-dive experiential learning opportunity, the Team Training Workshop (TTW).

The UPOP year consists of three separate courses, and you must register for each:

  • 2.EPE fall (includes four Milestone workshops)
  • 2.EPW (includes the TTW)
  • 2.EPE spring (includes three Milestone workshops)

Once you are officially registered, you will have access to the UPOP course page in Canvas, which provides all the information you’ll need for the UPOP year, including the syllabus and other important resources.

If you have any questions or conflicts at any point in the year, feel free to email upopstudentprogram@mit.edu and a UPOP team member will be happy to help.

Don’t forget to stop by our office anytime in Building 1, Room 123 for snacks, coffee or tea, space to work, or to book time in our soundproof pod for an interview or meeting.

Course registration

UPOP is an academic course for which you receive course credit on your transcript. As such, you must register for UPOP as a course during MIT’s regular online registration process.

  • Fall semester: Register for EPE (UPOP Engineering Practice Experience)
  • TTW: Register for EPW (UPOP Engineering Practice Workshop)
    • Please note that for the two January TTW sessions, you will need to register during the IAP registration period. For the February session that takes place over Presidents’ Day weekend, you will need to register during the spring semester registration period.
  • Spring semester: Register for EPE

When registering, note that .EPE or .EPW may be preceded by your course number instead of a “2,” e.g., 6.EPE if you’re in Course 6.

Please make sure you follow the appropriate steps for MIT course registration according to the Registrar’s Office. If you have any questions about adding UPOP to your course registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office. Registration deadlines are listed on their website, including the add-drop period.

You may contact the Registrar’s Office by calling (617) 258-6409, stopping by Building 5, Room 117, or booking an appointment.


There is no prerequisite for 2.EPE in the fall semester. However, to enroll in:

  • EPW over IAP or spring, you must complete 2.EPE in the fall
  • EPE in the spring, you must complete 2.EPE in the fall and complete 2.EPW over IAP OR be enrolled in 2.EPW in the spring