Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program

Mentor and students interacting at a UPOP event

Team Training Workshop (TTW)

The Team Training Workshop (TTW), the cornerstone event of UPOP, is an intensive experiential learning opportunity that focuses on teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Students form teams assigned to mentors representing a wide array of industries and work together on a series of activities focused on building the skills students will need in the workplace, regardless of what their MIT course is. TTW immerses sophomores in professional development—while still prioritizing camaraderie and fun.

  • TTW takes place over three sessions: two are 3.5 days during IAP, and the third is 3 days over Presidents’ Day weekend. Students must complete TTW to finish UPOP successfully, and most participants agree it is the most effective and memorable experience in the program.
  • At the TTW, UPOP staff are supported by a dedicated group of mentors, many of whom are MIT alumni. Mentors invest significant time and energy to support UPOP students, and many have been returning to the TTW for years, traveling to campus from faraway locations.
  • UPOP also hosts an Employer Networking & Career Event after the second and third sessions of the TTW, giving students an additional opportunity to practice the skills they learned over several days of training modules and team projects. Dozens of employers attend, providing students a chance to network with people in their desired company or industry.
  • Additional perks of attending TTW as a UPOP student include free catered meals, coffee, and snacks; opportunities to meet and bond with classmates; and chances to win individual and team prizes.

For more information on TTW, check out this article we wrote for MIT News.

Photo: Tim Dove

The activities within UPOP in terms of leadership, management, and building are critical to readying students for higher level responsibilities and leadership. Students can vault ahead and start to understand the finer aspects of business, of negotiations, of leading teams, and of leading companies. ”

Tim Dove ’79, President & COO Pioneer Natural Resources