Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program

People at the Accenture employer booth talk to students at a UPOP event

Employers and Sponsors

Our relationships with employers are a key component of the UPOP program.

Employers have the opportunity to meet with UPOP students at our exclusive events, provide employment openings for students in our weekly and ongoing listings, and may participate in workshop panels.

Employers also provide valuable feedback that can help shape the UPOP program. You’re the experts about the evolving professional skills needed to succeed in the workplace, and what we learn from you helps us shape the UPOP curriculum so that students are always ahead of the curve and can thrive in their future careers.

There are two ways for employers to get involved:

UPOP Employer Network

Join UPOP’s growing employer network and gain exclusive access to engage with our students! UPOP teams up with employers from various industries who are interested in regularly engaging with MIT sophomores through job postings, events, and hiring.

UPOP Sponsors

Employer network members who are looking for a deeper level of engagement with UPOP are invited to become UPOP sponsors. Sponsors receive all the free benefits of being an employer network member, in addition to our tiered corporate sponsorship offerings, which allow flexibility for your company to determine your desired level of engagement.

Photo: Bill Townsend

The students are on fire! The UPOP program has been amazing, the preparation that they give the students is so important in letting them understand the professional environment. ”

Bill Townsend, PhD ’88, founder and CEO Barrett Technology

Still have questions?

Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you discover the benefits of UPOP!