Ryan Koeppen ’19, was drawn to UPOP because of its one-of-a-kind attention dedicated to sophomores—who are largely unnoticed by employers in top-industry fields.

“UPOP is unique in that it starts students off early in their college career," said the mechanical engineering major. “The Team Training Workshops over IAP are a unique...

"UPOP was illuminating!" said Gina Han ’19, a mechanical engineering major. "It opened up a lot of things for me ... UPOP really helped me navigate the career side of things, and helped me know how to work on a team, how to delegate roles, and clearly communicate."

Entrepreneurial UPOP alum credits UPOP and her mentor for setting her on "non-linear" career path.

As is true for many MIT sophomores, Victoria Gregory ’17 found that UPOP’s rich array of employer and mentor networking opportunities helped to set her on her career journey — though in entirely unexpected ways.

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