Navigating the Recruiting Maze: Part 3

Recruiting at MIT is like drinking from a firehose: employers, with thousands of corporate competitors, have to navigate the complexities of a decentralized campus. How do you find the students and staff contacts you are looking for from among student clubs, labs, departments, special programs,...

Navigating the MIT Recruiting Maze: Part 2

How can companies stand out from the crowd when recruiting at MIT? What appeals to students—and what turns them off? Part 2 draws on interviews with students who talk frankly about what works and what doesn't when it comes to recruiting practices on campus.

The lessons of UPOP ring true for UPOP alum GiHun Choi ’17.

Network. Communicate. Never burn a bridge. These are all UPOP lessons that bio-engineering student GiHun Choi ’17, a UPOP alum, took to heart as he navigated his internship opportunities.

Skills, Mentors, Networks + Amazing Internships!