Real-world skills for MIT sophomores!

Are you an MIT sophomore? Stressed about finding an internship? Wondering what's going to make you stand out?

Employers assume you have great technical skills—you're at MIT!—but they are looking for something extra.

UPOP gives you that something extra—the real-world skills that are in hot demand by employers:

  • The ability to work smoothly in teams,
  • to lead and manage projects,
  • to communicate clearly and succinctly,
  • to give engaging presentations,
  • to advocate for key projects,
  • to interact with confidence and ease at high levels of an organization.

And all of this takes practice, practice, practice, and that is what we are: the Undergraduate PRACTICE Opportunities Program.

Applications for the Class of 2021 are now closed, but please feel free to join our active waitlist.

By the end of your UPOP sophomore year, you'll have lifelong real-world skills, resources, amazing mentors, connections—and a terrific résumé-building internship. Read what our students and employers say!

And ... UPOP takes very little time commitment: just a few hours total during each of your fall and spring semesters, and a week over IAP. But you can also choose to go on field trips to local organizations like Akamai and Google, or attend information evenings with companies such as Apple and Goldman Sachs, and, as often as you like, drop by our "open door" office to chat about tweaks to your résumé, ways to phrase a cover letter, how to handle a job negotiation ... and continue to do this when you are a junior or senior. 

Feel free to drop by our office in 1-123 any time! We'd love to meet you!