Team Training Takeaways

Welcome to the resource page for UPOP's Team Training Workshops!

UPOP's Team Training Workshops (TTWs) cover a lot of ground in a short time—it's one of those MIT firehose things. We hope the abbreviated "Team Training Takeaways" below can serve as a quick refresher to the key points in the major modules.

For those of you who are UPOP students: we encourage you to look for opportunities to practice these skills during your internship. In addition to your assigned task, look at the bigger project of which your task is a part. Might that overall project be improved or optimized—perhaps by making sure that the team agreement under which you are functioning is effective, brainstorming with your team, negotiating with others, using the presentation techniques, and gearing your talk to the perspective of your audience.

By doing this, you will develop your skills, distinguish yourself among your peers, and enhance your contribution to the company. You will also have a more useful and fulfilling internship.

Team Training Workshop "Takeaways"

Compendium (brief overview of key modules)

Effective Teamwork

Team Creativity

Negotiation Training

Presenting Professionally

Whole-Brain Thinking (HBDI model)