JP Morgan Chase: a Growth Opportunity for Students

Courtesy Kossy Uzukwe
UPOP alum Kaosisochukwu ("Kossy") Uzokwe '14 found his internship at JP Morgan so valuable he joined full time when he graduated.
Jessica Jones

UPOP students have a great reputation at JP Morgan Chase & Co. When Alexis Marriot, technology analyst program recruiter, became the company's UPOP liaison, she was told: "UPOP sophomores are really highly trained, highly developed, they communicate well, they are super bright, and incredibly ambitious."

And when it comes to choosing an internship, the company has a lot to offer students, as UPOP alum Kaosisochukwu ("Kossy") Uzokwe '14, has found.

As an intern and now at JPMorgan Chase full time as a technical analyst, Uzokwe has benefited from the company's focus on training, development, and flexibility. "There's a place for whatever you are interested in," he says.

"You can try things out, and find something that fascinates. The company wants you to develop yourself, and provides you with the resources to do this."

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