For Students

MIT’s Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) is a co-curricular yearlong professional development program for MIT sophomores. Nearly half of all sophomores from all majors apply to this prominent experiential program. [Here's a brief video overview.]

Applications closed at the end of September 2018 for MIT's Class of 2021 sophomores. We will open applications for the sophomore Class of 2022 in August 2019. 
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop by our office in Building 1-123, or email our student program coordinators. We're happy to help! You can read more about our application process here.

Employers actively seek out UPOP sophomores—and we work with more than 2000, from "big names" to small startups! They know UPOP students hit the ground running in their internships after a year of UPOP’s “real-world” training. UPOP students receive personalized coaching in professional development skills throughout sophomore year with the goal of finding an internship for the summer between sophomore and junior year—potentially with one of the thousands of employers who work with UPOP.

UPOP is high on opportunity and low on time commitment. The curriculum includes workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and practice with résumés, cover letters, interviewing, networking, negotiating, and everything needed to acquire an internship in today's professional world. The curriculum also includes employer engagement events to directly connect students to internship and networking opportunities. With all these opportunities, students can choose from a menu of options and attend what is most interesting and useful to them. To learn more about the various opportunities, check out our calendar. Students take UPOP for credit. UPOP is a two-unit, 12-month course supported by MIT's School of Engineering.

The cornerstone of the UPOP curriculum is a weeklong intensive workshop during IAP. The Team Training Workshop is where students learn how to be successful in the workplace, with coaching from amazing mentors who are successful industry professionals and typically MIT alums. Students gain experience in teamwork, communication, and decision making—key skills for success in the workplace. UPOP runs these workshops twice, and each culminates in an Employer Networking Luncheon attended by more than 100 employers hoping to employ UPOP sophomores. Think of it as a "mini career fair" just for UPOP students! (Check out the photo album for our recent teams and read what they had to say about it!)

UPOP is a community. One of the key benefits of UPOP is the strong community that includes current students, employers, MIT alums, UPOP alums, faculty, and staff. The UPOP office and resources are open to all UPOP students, past and present. "Once a UPOPer, always a UPOPer."

The yearlong program for sophomores begins in October and wraps up early the following fall. Applications open in August each year. 

Here are our FAQs for Students, but please feel free to stop by 1-123 with any questions!
You can also email our Student Program Coordinators.