Become an Employer

The most frequently asked questions from employers navigating the MIT recruiting maze are: "How can our organization find the students we're looking to hire, all in one place?" and "How can our organization stand out among the 1000s of other companies engaging on campus?"

The answer is: UPOP.

The Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) offers an unparalleled gateway for employers to reach extraordinary MIT talent. We help employers cut through the red tape, and make recruiting on campus easy.

UPOP is a yearlong, professional development program for MIT sophomores from all majors. We are one of the largest co-curricular undergraduate programs on campus—almost half of all sophomores apply each September, and 1 in 3 current MIT upperclassmen are UPOP alums. Engaging with our sophomores gives employers a significant recruiting edge with juniors and seniors. Many of our students go on to work full time for companies they met during their UPOP year.

UPOP’s work with employers is unique to the Institute. UPOP is separate from the MIT Career Development Center, and we are not a job placement service for our students. We do, however, work closely with thousands of hiring managers to ensure that the internships posted to the UPOP network will meet our students' career objectives. Read our Employer FAQs.

How can an employer get involved?

New employers: please email Amy Bass to get started.

We work with 2000+ employers (organizations), from startups to corporations. We offer many opportunities to connect with our students, from something as simple as posting jobs with us, to attending our large January Networking Luncheons (a mini “Career Fair” for UPOP students), to participating in our fall and spring professional development opportunities, to hosting sponsored events. Review our printable Corporate Sponsorship Menu.

Learn more about events where we invite industry volunteers to engage with our students, such as Employer Mock Interview Nights, Employer Résumé Reviews, and January Networking Luncheons. Browse our full calendar of events

Why hire a UPOP sophomore?

Our students are not your average sophomores; they are not even your average MIT sophomores. They are UPOP sophomores, and we are noted for preparing exceptional students for industry readiness. Our sophomore interns hit the ground running after a full year of training in communication, team development, negotiation, project management and presentation skills. Read our Why Hire a UPOP Student printable handout.

“The UPOP intern was an outstanding student in every way. I would gladly hire her in any capacity that I could. She out-performed our other junior-level interns.”

“The UPOP student was an outstanding intern … Her talent, poise, communication skills, and intelligence will make her successful throughout the remainder of her MIT career and after, when she ventures into the ‘real world.’”
—Akamai Technologies.

UPOP also guides both students and employers in best practices for on-campus recruiting. Read our UPOP Recruiting Policies and Procedures.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you! Please email Amy Bass and we'll have a quick call or an in-person meeting to ensure a good mutual fit.

Amy Bass  |  UPOP Employer Relations Program Manager  |  (617) 452-2856

Get Involved

Interested in being a UPOP employer? Check out our Employer FAQs, and please email Amy Bass or give her a call: (617) 452-2856.