Annual Sponsors

UPOP's annual sponsors represent a wide variety of industries, including high-tech, big data, mobile, global securities, oil and energy, materials and manufacturing. UPOP is very grateful for their support!

Bose Corporation, founded in 1964 by MIT professor Dr. Amar Bose ’51, is best known for high-quality audio products for the home, on the go, in your car, and in professional venues.  

At Bose, we're obsessed with performance—on what matters most: the little details that make a big difference and the the big details that astonish. We're…

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John Deere is the leader in technology that has a real impact on feeding, fueling and clothing the world’s population in more efficient, sustainable and smarter ways. With a legacy of bringing cutting-edge technology to market, our engineers and developers have a unique opportunity to apply their skills directly to the farm.

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Cars that drive themselves. Routine flights to Mars. To most people, these are pure science fiction from the world of tomorrow – but someday is closer than you think. Because at Lockheed Martin, we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible every day. We’re engineering a better tomorrow.

Our employees are the core of everything we do…

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