Photo | Courtesy Hannah Capponi

Hannah's project at Pioneer Natural Resources, Texas, during the summer of 2015 was to create a time-dependent pressure model of separation and storage facilities, called tank batteries, using VBA, Excel’s coding language.

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Photo | Courtesy Fred Daso

UPOP alum Frederick Daso ’17 has a new take on an old saying: It’s all about communication, communication, communication.

UPOP, he says, is a great place to hone your communication skills. “The goal of UPOP is to help students get hired more efficiently and navigate the career process at an early stage...

Photo | Courtesy David Gomez

David Gomez ’17 worked at Sonos, Inc., in its Cambridge, Mass., office during the summer of 2015. David’s project involved creating a usage model of the NAND memory in Sonos players. Through this model he was able to give Sonos a better idea of how data gets stored on NAND in the players as well as assess the...

Photo | Courtesy Anuj Khandelwal

Anuj worked in the Advanced System and Capabilities group at Lincoln Laboratory, developing the embedded system for a UAV payload. UPOP's training in teamwork, communication and presentation skills proved very useful!