One of the most rewarding experiences at MIT

Class of 2009 UPOP Alum

UPOP has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me at MIT. From taking this program in my sophomore year to working in the UPOP office itself, UPOP has become a large part of my life and has changed the outlook of my future. As a sophomore, engineering to me was purely a word and set of calculations; but as I continued in the program I learned that being a successful engineer included effective communication, innovation, persistence, and tough decision-making. During the IAP program session, I was able to actively learn, perform and refine these skills in a relaxed and fun atmosphere along with my peers and under the supervision of an industry mentor. In the years since my participation in the program, I have applied the engineering leadership skills that I learned in UPOP to numerous situations—whether it was an office interview, an engineering meeting with clients or a sticky position with a co-worker, I was able to pull from my experiences in UPOP and find the right skills to handle these situations.