UPOP is beneficial in a way no other program is

Class of 2010 UPOP Alum

I have noticed a difference in the way I approach business situations since going through UPOP. There are many little things that have come up in my life that I've felt comfortable handling because of the good ideas I received in UPOP—how to word an email to a potential employer, how to prepare for an interview, or how to best discuss disagreements or uncomfortable topics with a coworker or employer. More generally, I learned a lot about the way employers think, what they look for in employees, and how to take advantage of this knowledge in the workplace. I think there are few other ways to receive this information at MIT, especially not in a convenient package like what UPOP offers. While it is possible to pick up on these skills by asking questions at the careers office or by getting advice from upperclassmen, UPOP's interactive course covers this information more efficiently and more effectively.  I think UPOP is a wonderful supplement to MIT's academic reputation, and it is beneficial to the students of MIT in a way no other program is. Thanks UPOP!