It's one of the most important programs for MIT engineers to be involved with

Class of 2009 UPOP Alum

The UPOP program is one of the most important programs for MIT engineers to be involved with. While MIT does a fantastic job at teaching students the technical skills and problem-solving skills, there are few opportunities to develop other skills that are absolutely necessary in industry and in life. Without UPOP, I would probably still struggle with simple tasks like writing a résumé, a cover letter, reaching out to employers, and even thank-you notes! I really appreciated the opportunity to get professional advice on ways to conduct myself and develop a resume to be competitive as a sophomore when applying to internships. Not only does the UPOP office provide a great resource to students, but also gives a fantastic image of MIT to companies in industry. UPOP enhances the image of MIT in this country. I had very little work experience when I was a sophomore and especially experience in a professional environment. I can only thank UPOP for providing me with the skills and opportunity to meet an employer at one of the networking events. I eventually worked for them in the following summer, and it provided me with a great opportunity to get experience. Put simply, students like myself would have to work much harder and be much luckier to start a career while hitting the ground running, which UPOP dramatically helps with. I highly doubt that I would have the opportunities I have now without the help of the UPOP program.