Summer Work Experience

Amy Bass
UPOP visited TripAdvisor's new headquarters in Needham, MA to visit with UPOP 2017's Heeyoon Kim and Kiran Wattamwar, as well as UPOP 2010 alum Nayoon Kim

In line with the MIT motto of mens et manus, UPOP students put their UPOP and technical educations into practice through summer internships. The majority of UPOP students participate in traditional industry internships (often with UPOP partner companies) both international and domestic, while some students choose to do research at MIT or other institutions, teach or counsel middle and high school students, or work for volunteer organizations.

The internship is a two-way street. For students, it is an opportunity to build their résumés, advance and inform their personal career goals, and hone their professional skills. Employers remark that in addition to the technical work contributions, the fresh ideas and perspectives of "new blood" energize their teams. Through internships, employers develop recruiting pipelines to MIT, either hiring once-interns as full-time students or increasing their word-of-mouth on-campus. And because UPOP prepares students to transition into the workplace and integrate into teams, employers can be confident that they're receiving interns (and potentially full-time employees one day) who can hit the ground running and be strong contributors to their organizations. To learn more about why you should hire a UPOP student, click here.