Professional Résumé Building

The UPOP Resume Checklist -- one of many tools available for UPOP students to get their résumés in professional shape

UPOP knows how important it is to have a professional résumé. We make developing a professional résumé a priority when students enter the program, and it is our goal that every student understands what a résumé is, how it is used, and the difference between a good résumé and a strategic résumé. Staff work closely with students throughout the fall semester to ensure each student has developed a clean and professional résumé, and understands how to tailor and update that résumé as he or she progresses professionally.

Upon admittance into the program, every student's résumé is reviewed by staff. Then students might attend a "crash course" workshop, come to résumé-review drop-in hours, schedule an appointment with their student advisor—or all of the above!—until their résumé meets UPOP standards.