UPOP was one of the most useful things I did at MIT

Class of 2016 UPOP Alum

UPOP was one of the most useful things I did at MIT. Many MIT students believe that they're here to spend their time learning as much academics-related information as possible. But those are the students who need UPOP the most. UPOP teaches all of the things you don't learn in a classroom but desperately need for any career you pursue - team-building, communication, presentation skills, professionalism...the list goes on. A year into my career, I'm using UPOP-learned skills as much as or more than the technical skills I developed at MIT. While this is particularly true for the field I'm in, even someone in the most technical of positions will need UPOP skills. 

Now that I look at things from the employer's side, I am encouraging my company to recruit strongly from UPOP alums in the fall. Graduating from the program demonstrates a level of proficiency in professional soft skills and a desire to prioritize their professional development, both of which should be preferable to any recruiting employer.