UPOP was a great experience for me

Class of 2006 UPOP Alum

UPOP not only trains students to be more aware of the communication biases that come with being more technically focused, but it also is a program that advocates for these talented sophomores. Without UPOP, many students would not have the same impressive resume of experience that UPOP helps build. Particularly in this economy, I would imagine that these sophomore experiences lay a critical foundation and validation for the strength of MIT candidates in the full-time job-search process. Because of the training I received in UPOP, I was also able to share that with a larger audience and present a workshop on technical communication styles at the 2006 IAESTE National Conference. I often have cited that presentation experience and my efforts to found IAESTE with the support of UPOP as examples of my leadership abilities in interviews and business school application essays. The program also helped instill in me confidence in advance of my junior internship search, which was important because the junior internship was so critical to my full-time job search. UPOP was a great experience for me, and one that I hope continues to be available for many years to come.