UPOP put me on the road to a rewarding career

Class of 2005 UPOP alum

UPOP was beneficial to me because of the jumpstart it gave to my career. I studied chemical engineering but wanted to spend a summer exploring business / finance.  UPOP helped me gain experience the summer after my sophomore year, which then helped me gain an IAP externship in another company my junior year, leading to my summer internship after my junior year where I was given a full-time offer. I have been working at the same company since I graduated four years ago, and I love what I do. I thank UPOP for helping put me on the road towards finding a rewarding career that I am passionate about and where I can apply my engineering skills in a unique way. The program is also helpful because it is the only program on campus which teaches students practical skills about working in a non-academic setting and how to take the most advantage by both learning and contributing as much as possible to their summer internships.