Mariquita Blumberg ’94: UPOP prepares students to hit the ground running

Mariquita Blumberg ’94

UPOP students are well prepared and well educated to be innovators in our communities and our society. I think the UPOP students really understand all the levers they're going to need to be effective when they come out of college, and it really prepares them to hit the ground running and be contributors in organizations, academia, industry and in their communities when they come out of school. The thing I find most surprising about UPOP is how engaged the students are and how eager they are to learn things that are not immediately applicable to them. They have excitement for learning that is new but also that is well out of their comfort zone. They can both be a leader amongst other people but also advance very, very quickly in any organization by just applying the things they learn during their UPOP IAP workshop week. UPOP helps students understand how to put the learning they're getting in college into the context of how they will use this learning in the future. It helps them understand all the levers that are at their fingertips for really making themselves successful, for making their company successful, and for really going out there and changing the world.