UPOP opened up critical opportunities

Class of 2007 UPOP alum

UPOP definitely enabled my early career  and opened up internship opportunities that were critical in developing contacts and skills for future employment. I specifically remember that my interviewers were impressed by my taking the UPOP January course in my sophomore year and thought that my enrollment in the course demonstrated not only my readiness and preparation for joining their company, but also attested to my motivation and interest in working for their company, thus helping to set me apart from those competing for the position. Also, I recall several situations during my internships that were particularly relevant to the interpersonal schemes we discussed in the UPOP role-playing sessions. I was thankful for being aware of these situations before having experienced it first hand. And, by seeing the reactions and actions of other interns (not affiliated with MIT or UPOP), I felt that their knowledge of these situations and appropriate actions could have helped them avoid the repercussions of their inappropriate handling of the situation.