One of the most valuable experiences of my MIT career

Class of 2010 UPOP Alum

UPOP was one of the most valuable experiences of my MIT undergraduate career. Until I did UPOP, I lacked the self-confidence and know-how necessary to truly be productive and advance in the business world. The UPOP IAP workshop in particular was invaluable to me. Prior to IAP 2008, I did not understand the value of networking, and I could not even begin to understand how it was done. In a mere week, I was transformed from bumbling undergraduate to confident engineer, and I continue to benefit from the lessons I learned during my UPOP experience. Through UPOP, I not only got help editing my resume and networking with potential employers, but I also got almost continual advice and guidance from the UPOP staff.  Barely a week went by when I was not in the UPOP office asking for a quick tip on writing an email, looking for a job, or asking for a reference or contact. UPOP fills a critical hole in the MIT curriculum and the MIT undergraduate experience.