I was completely blown away by UPOP

Class of 2007 UPOP alum

I enrolled in UPOP during the first few years of the program's operations. I was a Sophomore January of 2005, and I had no idea how to interview, make a resume, let alone find a summer internship. I enrolled in UPOP because one of the upperclassmen I spoke to said that they helped her learn how to interview. I thought this would be an extremely valuable way to spend my IAP. I was completely blown away. Their staff, their curriculum, and their open door policy was exactly what I needed. They taught me how to interview, they helped me build my resume, they talked about what to look for in an internship and the different resources that were available for students. They took us inside the Career Center's interview cubicle room, so that the first time we went in there, we would not be intimidated. In the end, the UPOP staff did not actually find me a job. I found one myself. And I think that is an even more powerful indicator that their program works. I kept in touch with the staff throughout the rest of my tenure at MIT. When I had successes, they cheered me on. When I did not know what to do next, they pointed me to new resources like giving me names of people to talk to when I was looking into graduate school programs. UPOP fills a critical gap for the professional development of MIT's engineers. I truly hope that many other students can benefit from this program.